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international competition under the auspices of EUROPE-MILSET

The objective of the competition:

Design a functional and aesthetic scientific toy that uses or demonstrates a natural phenomenon or regularity.

Conditions of competition:

  1. A written or electronic application form and designed scientific or recognitive toy or game in an appropriate form (the product, prototype, model, sketch, drawings, video, photography, etc.) has to be delivered to the organizer until 31st of December 2015.
  2. Prizes:
    1. valued at € 400,
    2. valued at € 300,
    3. valued at € 200.
  3. A written or electronic application to the competition in Slovak or English must include details:
    • The creator or applicant: name, year of birth of the creator, address, telephone, e-mail, the signature of the designer or his representative, the date.
    • Scientific toy: name, related natural law or phenomenon, instructions for use, description.
  4. The organizer:
    • Won't pay the costs associated with procuring, purchasing, development, transport and so forth.
    • The brain teaser/puzzle is not scientific toy.
    • After evaluation of the competition the proposal will be returned to the applicant who so requests.
    • Reserves the right to merge the multiple annual competitions into one.
  5. Incoming proposals will be published on by the 31st of Janury 2016.
  6. The final ranking list will arise on the 31th of March 2016 by adding ratings by:
    • all on-line applicants;
    • the International Jury.
  7. The results of the evaluation will be sent to all applicants and will be published in the media, which will inform about the competition with the knowledge of organizer.

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